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Crystal Feng Shui for Retail Outlets

A combination of crystals and energy/light healing is used to enhance optimal sales,communication and promote a calm stress free environment.


Stage 1: Initial consultation and basic cleansing (approx 2 hour)

350 GBP


I take a full inventory of the nature of the business, feeling the energy of the environment and work to be done.

Retail consultation

Stage 2: Crystal purchase

An estimated cost of this is emailed to you for approval.


Stage 3: Energetic and crystal placement with training on maintenance.



A second cleanse with crystal placement to energise the and hold the space.

Stage 3 retail

Crystal Feng Shui for Weddings, Naming Ceremonies and other special events

Please contact me to check date availability before booking.

Energetic space Cleansing and vibration raising


special events clearing

Aura Cleansing of guests

£175 per hour

Aura Cleansing of guests

Using a combination of crystals and sacred shamanic smudging techniques guests are cleansed as they arrive at the event. 

I am available within the Greater London area for the above.For those further a-field I am happy to travel where additional travel costs are also paid for, and where appropriate accommodation.