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Biography Overview I am a qualified crystal healer, chakra healer, aura reader, aromatherapist (specialising in aromatherapy massage), life coach and feng shui consultant. Having also have completed courses in cosmic ordering (law of attraction), reflexology, spiritual healing, reiki, munay-ki and angelic ascension. Silverdove is currently studying holistic nutrition, iridology and herbalism. Mainly work directly with anthers energy and through spirit, I supplement as needed with energy, ask your guides and soul purpose cards as this can act as confirmation, help clarify and reveal extra details. My background is an environmental scientist, holding a Bachelor of Science in the subject: specialising in environmental management, green taxation and funding, having previously been on the university lecture circuit while studying for a PhD. In my spare time I enjoys walking in nature, art, cooking, theatre and museums. I have also set up and continues to run three support groups on Facebook for those suffering from a rare medical condition known as reactive hypoglycaemia. I can be found in person at Charlies Rockshop at Merton Abbey Mills on Sundays.I currently reside in London, with my daughter and three pet rabbits Cleopatra,Rosie and Sooty.